who we are

StoneKap is a boutique video production company built on a shared love of storytelling, creating an enjoyable experience for the client, and working with other talented and trustworthy individuals who collectively have extraordinary capabilities. 

StoneKap serves agencies and corporations by visually communicating their brand story through high-quality, specialized video production, motion graphics and animation. We appeal to audiences' emotions to ensure that your brand is understood and remembered.

Brand Promise

StoneKap is dedicated to providing you an exceptional product that visually communicates your brand story, combined with an accommodating experience that you'll want to repeat. Our expertise, collaborative process and stunning visual artisanship prove that you don't need to travel to New York or Los Angeles to get the quality of a large market production house.


We want to become the best storytellers in the world. We envision a company that has grown in size and in skill and that has amassed credibility as the definitive place to go to tell brand stories. We imagine a time when StoneKap is so in demand that it is forced to turn down twice as much work as it takes on. We see clients and freelancers working with us not just because of a need, but because they are inspired by our vision, craft and storytelling ability. We imagine a world where the most promising filmmakers, advertisers and storytellers are asked why they chose their career path, and they respond with the word "StoneKap." We envision being a collective of the best and brightest, continuing to tell the best stories we can and inspiring the world around us. We see a bold future.