Cultivate a Culture of Fun and Freedom

Culture is how an organization lives and thrives. It is made of the people, the symbols, the attitudes and the history that characterize an organization. Businesses need to work with vendors that have an established culture, that have defined processes and values, and that know and live by those principles.

The people at StoneKap know their culture inside and out, and they embody it. It is a culture based on freedom, where life and work are products of passion. Our culture is driven by people, uniquely crafted individuals, who truly care about others. We act with the discipline to sacrifice for others in ways large and small, to operate with intent, to create things with unique value, to serve our clients in order to grow alongside them.

The team at StoneKap knows time is fleeting, and we choose to spend that time doing what we love, to focus our attention on what we value: crafting creativity, creating experiences, building relationships, and cultivating culture. We build on strength, value the art of honing our craft, and operate inside of freedom in a place where we get to express ourselves in a creative environment, get paid to do it, and call it "work." Our culture is an ongoing, evolving experiment comprised of dreamers and doers, thinkers and pranksters, storytellers and problem-solvers, each element a part of an overall culture of brilliance, originality and creation.