Crafting Ideas that are Creative and Strategic

The What, the How and the WHY.

Ideas and creativity are the lifeblood of the advertising industry. Businesses and organizations need creative ideas to communicate an aspect of their brand story in order to engage with their target market, internal or external. They need individuals who possess innate talent, along with the strategic capabilities to use that talent, to communicate their brand story.

The team at StoneKap possesses a wide variety of talent that, when combined, form highly capable organizational expertise in communicating brand stories. Through active listening and strategic creative thinking, our team develops unique, custom ideas that address the needs and goals for each project while engaging the core audience on a visceral, emotional level. We possess an adept gift at crafting visually engaging storytelling, an essential component to brand recognition and remembrance.

StoneKap believes in growing, both in artistry and in process. We are passionate about what we do and strive to learn and grow from the process of each project we take on. By discerning the true audience, message and goal of a project, we are able to challenge ourselves to think outside the box and develop concepts that aren't just creative but effective and that deliver results for our clients.