Story is the fabric that connects us. From larger-than-life myths to campfire tales, stories bring us together, engage us and unite us in a singular experience. When told with passion, stories have power over us, an immeasurable effect that changes the way we perceive the world around us. Stories that have been around since the dawn of time still seep into our everyday lives, impacting our choices tacitly in ways that we couldn’t predict.

StoneKap tells stories. Stories, delicately crafted, rich in texture and emotion to connect an audience to a brand. Stories to give the audience a new perspective, an experience that ensures the brand is remembered, forging bonds by communicating a feeling, an emotion that resonates with the audience. Through expert craft, talent and artisanship, our team passionately tells stories, strategically distilling the essence of a brand into a video that engages and transforms the way the audience thinks. A specialized, boutique company, StoneKap thrives in the discovery, refinement and communication of brand stories.

StoneKap is a relationship-driven company, delivering unique experiences that brands want to be a part of. We love what we do and want to share that passion in every project while creating an experience for our clients that they’ll want to repeat. We’re a group of discerning listeners, strategic thinkers, problem solvers and dedicated craftsmen who are devoted to service and accommodation. Each individual at StoneKap is part of a cohesive whole, a collaborative team driven to inspire and be inspired, to learn, to grow and to share our talents with the world.